westdance-announce: Dance Instructor requested for Southern Shores Jingles

Rachael Keish rachael_keish at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 3 09:05:37 PST 2003

Please see the following - I can't be there because I'll be at a 12th Night 
sewing workshop all weekend.  Can anyone else attend and teach dance?
:-), Marguerite

>>We just realized that since Jingles is a potluck this year, we are going 
>>to have large blocks of time free.  Is there any chance you would be 
>>willing to come and teach dancing for this event?

It is on December 6th at the old Blackford High School campus near Saratoga 
and Moorpark, from 12 noon to about 8 or 9 (we have to be cleaned up and out 
by 10).  I haven't had a chance to talk to the rest of the autocrat staff 
about this yet, but I'm sure they would welcome it.

We are a bit concerned about all of the time that is free due to the potluck 
and are trying to fill it with something fun and interactive for the 
attendees.  I understand this is relatively short notice and if you can't do 
it, that is understandable.  If you are interested, that would be wonderful. 
  You can
email this address backto let me know (Rebecca_Lee at myownemail.com).
Thank you for your time,

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