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Below is the Page copy for the Ecorngill Performing Arts Fete.  If anyone is 
interested in teaching a specifc dance during the day and/or calling it in 
the evening, please let me know as I am formulating the sets now.  (Work is 
becoming more sane, so I should be at dance practice in the next few weeks 
also if you have requests.)

Also, we have discussed doing "performance" dance in the past, and this 
would be an excellent forum if anyone is intersted in demo-ing specific 
:-), Marguerite

>August 2nd 2003
>Performing Arts Fete
>Ecorngill (Saratoga)
>Come one and all to take part in those arts which cannot be held and
>touched, but are meant to be seen, heard, and experienced!  Enjoy a break
>from the tourney season and join the Shire of Ecorngill for a day of
>theater, and music.
>The site is a lovely hall with a large floor for dancing and a room for
>period games (please bring your favorites to add those on hand!).  There
>also a small stage for performances and a shady outdoor patio.  The site
>will open at eleven for setup, and dances will be taught from noon to
>Please wear mundanes for the teaching portion of the day, as we officially
>have the event from 4:00-9:00 pm!
>After we change into garb, the evening's festivities will include
>performances by Bella Luna, musicians, and bards in between the dance sets
>and merriment.  All are invited to perform; please contact the Autocrat
>(period pieces and those with a squirrel or moose& squirrel theme are
>strongly encouraged!)
>A potluck finger-food sideboard will be shared by all, please bring (by
>mundane last name): A through F -Breads/crackers and cheeses; G through
L -
>Fruits and Vegetables; M through R - Desserts; S through Z - Meats.  The
>site allows wine and champagne, no hard liquor or beer.
>Site fees:  $5 for members, ($8 for non-members), $3 for 5-12 year olds,
>under 5 free.
>Autocrat: Mistress Marguerite du Royon (Rachael Keish)
>rachaelo at alumni.utexas.net, Home: (408) 272-2582, Cell: (408) 592-0223.
>Address: 2855 Agua Vista Drive San Jose CA 95132
>Directions:  The site is the historic Saratoga Foothill Club, located at
>20399 Park Place Saratoga, CA 95070 (Mapquest is reliable).  Take your
>route to Hwy 85.  Exit Saratoga Avenue and go south on Saratoga for 1.7
>miles.  Stay in the right lane(s) at the light where the road splits to
>on Saratoga Avenue.  Park Place is a small street on the left hand side,
>marked by a large "Saratoga Federated Church" sign (if you reach Hwy. 9
>the fire station, you've gone 1 block too far).  Take a left on Park Place
>and the hall will be right in front of you.

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>The Pied d'Argent competition for June Crown is Amoroso.
>For details about the event, please refer to:
>A&S Tourney, July 25-27, is still looking for more dance
>For details about the event and a schedule of classes please
>refer to:
>The Shire of Ecorngil is holding a Dance/Games/Arts event on
>August 2. Regretfully, Page copy has not been posted. However,
>there have been promises of dance classes and demos. The site
>will be in Saratoga.
>The Pied d'Argent competition for Purgatorio is Pease Bransle.
>For full details, please see http://westdance.org/activities.html
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