westdance: Ecorngill Performing Arts Fete

Rachael Keish rachael_keish at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 12 18:44:54 PST 2004

The Ecorngill Performing Arts Fete will be Saturday, July 24th (the weekehnd 
before Kingdom A&S.  Stay tuned for dance teaching/calling help requests....
:-), Marguerite (autocrat)

>From: Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com>
>To: westdance at westdance.org
>Subject: westdance: Help wanted
>Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 17:21:51 -0800
>I could use help with a couple of things:
>First off, the calendar of upcoming events with dancing is looking
>awfully sparse. Does anyone know any I've missed? Pieds at Kingdom
>events I can fill in, but what else? http://westdance.org/activities.html
>Second, the allegedly forthcoming West Kingdom Dance Manual could use
>some figures of the artistic kind. Actually not so much art as
>explanation. I have a set of symbols for people and hands, and we need
>figures for the starting positions of all the dances, and some of the
>harder to understand figures. All you need is some kind of computer
>drawing program and a moderate amount of enthusiasm.
>-- Gregory
>p.s. thanks to all the people who helped with dancing at 12th Night,
>we started with about 8 dancers and ended with about 16, and Cassandra
>played music for us. Not bad for starting late and not being
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