westdance: RE: collegium nebulorum

Larsen, Matt matt.larsen at certive.com
Wed Apr 7 16:38:23 PDT 2004

> Just as long as you don't switch me!  There's a biiiiiig 
> difference between easy ECD and Italian. :->

Come on now, it's all just flirting! :-)

> So, having not done this before, if the class is 75 minutes, 
> how many dances should I plan on?  

It depends a little on what you're planning on teaching.  If you're
going to do stuff like Rufty Tufty, I'd expect about 15 min. per dance.
If you're going to do things more like Picking of Sticks or Dull Sir
John, I'd expect them to take about 20-30 min. to teach.

Generally I try to teach a variety of dances in a class like this.  I'll
start with an easy one, maybe Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease or Cuckhold all
in a Row for this class.  Then I'll do something that's tougher: Picking
of Sticks, Boateman, something like that, and expect to spend about 1/2
of the class time on that.  Then I'd do another easier one, maybe
Chestnut or Grimstock, or Heart's Ease if you didn't do that earlier.

After teaching those three, I'd take a look at how much time is left and
gauge my class.  If this was the first time most of the people in the class
saw the dances I taught, they're probably not ready for anything else.  In
that case, I'd go back and dance all the dances that were taught once or
twice until time runs out.

If, on the other hand, the people in the class are more experienced -- say,
they each knew one of the dances taught and picked the new ones up quickly
then I'd go on and teach a fourth dance.  If I've only got 10-15 min, I'd
do an easy one, if I've got 20-25, I'd do a harder one.

That's pretty much my general teaching plan: I try to get a feel for how
"tired" my class is at any point.  If they're learning a lot of new stuff
and they're having problems with it, I'll cut a dance or two and spend the
time going over stuff more.  On the other hand, if they're picking stuff
up quickly, and they're bouncing around, then I'll press on and do new

Hmmm...  well, that was a longer answer than I expected it to be...  But
I hope it helped!


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