westdance: Teachers needed for July 24th Arts Fete!!

Larsen, Matt matt.larsen at certive.com
Tue Jun 29 10:11:46 PDT 2004

> Please reply back if you can teach and/or call any of the 
> following dances 
> at the Ecorngill Performing Arts Fete on July 24th.  We'll be 
> teaching from 
> 12-3:30 in mundanes, then holding "real" event from 4-9 in garb.

I'm happy to teach anything on the list.  Maybe Dull Sir John?  It's
complex enough to be hard to do if you don't know it (even with a
partner that does), so it's probably good to teach it.  Or I could
teach Contrapasso and, if time allows, Villanella.  I'm happy
either way.

> Also, we should try to set out "performance team" 
> soon.....

We've been talking about it a little at dance practice, and I think
we'll do Bianca Fiore, the new two couple 16th c. Italian dance that
we've been working on.  I see that Gracca is listed as another performance
dance, and I'm sure we could get a couple up to do that, too.  We should
lock down who is going to do dance what, soon, though.

> unfortunately, I 
> can't make dance practice this week, and we'll be in Oregon the week 
> following, so PLEASE let me know what you'd like teach/call 
> soon so I'm not 
> a stress ball.

Have a good time in Oregon!


> Thanks!!
> :-), Marguerite
> Autocrat
> ____________________
> Shire of Ecorngill Performing
> Arts Fete Activities
> First Dance Set:
> Horses Bransel
> Rufty Tufty
> Contrapasso
> Black Alman
> Amoroso
> Shugo/Oil of Derby...? (Vyncent)

Oops, should be Stingo/Oil of Barley
> Break for Choir Performance
> Second Dance Set:
> Dull Sir John
> Pinwheel
> Contentezza d'Amore
> Jenny Pluck Pears
> Lorayne Alman
> Rostibolli (Isabelle)
> Break for Bella Luna Caravan Performance
> Third Dance Set:
> Villanella
> Chesnut
> Geloxia
> Hearts Ease
> Petit Riens
> Cuckholds all in a Row
> Anello (Vyncent)
> Break for Presentation Dances:  Bianca Fiore and Gracca Amoroso
> Dances to do if time allows:
> Galliards
> Grimstock
> Fiamma d'Amore
> Black Nag
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