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Mon Oct 25 17:22:33 PDT 2004

Would that be so bad?  As long as it was *heavily* taught at everything
during the year.  Every event prior, all the dance practices, maybe the
Saturday and the Sunday of Crown, it might be interesting to see a
dance that required more time to learn.  Though to be honest, I don't
consider any of the Italian dances, as in Villanella or Contrapasso,  a
10 -15 minute learning curve, even if one knows the standard steps
well.  Less so if there is no familiarity with them.  In fact, I've
been hearing gripes about the expectations of the dance instructors
thinking that running through a dance a couple times is adequate.  But
we have a lot of very beginning dancers here.  


> > October Crown	- Gracca Amoroso
> This gives me a little pause.  In the past, we've always
> done dances that can be taught to a more or less completely
> inexperienced dancer in 10-15 minutes (except for the dances
> at Kingdom A&S).  Gracca is a little outside that category.
> On the other hand, just because that's been our policy in
> the past doesn't mean that we can't change it...  I think
> I'd pick an easier dance, though, maybe Villanella or
> Contrapasso if you're looking for a 16th c. Italian dance.
> Geoffrey

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