westdance: Salator de Nebulorum/Mists Investiture

Rachael Keish rachael.keish at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 16:10:12 PST 2004

>>Whomever is the Salitor, I have failed in my duty to nag you.<<
That would be me, and its not your job to 'nag' me but I appreciate
the reminder!  ;-) I will send my info in to the Page so it makes the
January copy.

(Vyncent, are the Pied dances finalized, so I can set complimentary
ones for Mists events?  Please let me know!)

>>Does anyone know if the Saltatoris Nebularum competition is occuring
at Mists Investiture?  And if so, what is it going to be and when is
it going to be?<<
It's not a huge site, and I'll put announcements in with the Heralds
on when & where (or just make them myself  :-).  I had planned on
playing it by ear and awaiting a convenient break in court, or during
the banner bearer tourney, in case people can't stay for the feast.

Hopefully there will be dancing between removes as well, depends on
whether I can scare up musicians & dancers!

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