westdance: 12th night -- arts display (Sat. 7-9pm) and vigils (Fri. 8pm-2am)

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 09:24:04 PST 2005

>Have you been waiting for the right opportunity to show 
>off your art? Discovered a new bit of hard-to-find information?

>Invented a better medieval mousetrap? The 12th Night Artisans' 
>Display is a grande venue for all West Kingdom artisans to 
>show your work ­ either complete or in process. Whether you're 
>a beginner or an old hand at your art, come share your skills 
>and knowledge with us on Saturday evening.
>Setup will start about 6:30 with the actual display from 
>7:00 to 9:00 and Bardic from 9:00 until they kick us out!. 
>Socialize with other artisans, schmooze a bit, share your art 
>with the populace at large, and have a great time.
>Contact Rose de LeMans (Arg! yahoo truncated her email! but you
can reach her at laurelclerk @ westkingdom . org) or Henry
Eynhallow (Cursed trucation! I think Henry's email is henry @
henry-davis . com) to reserve your space. Performing artists
>please contact us to discuss a performing venue and time

There's nothing like last-minute planning, so I'm going to write
to Henry and Rose and ask for dance space. I'll bring a boom box
and music in case the live musicians are in a different room. If
you would like to join me, please just show up and we'll do some
demo dances. 

I will also ask Henry and Rose for some space for the musicians
to play some of the more interesting non-dance music.

I know this will go right over dinner, so please plan to snack
if you get cranky in low blood sugar.

Also at 12th Night will be the laureling vigils for Mistress
Cassandra of Crosston and Lady Halima de la Lucha. Cassandra has
been playing violin for dancers for several years, and Halima's
a regular at the Crosston/Westermark dance practice. Please
check the white boards in the lobby for information. Thier
vigils will be open from 8pm-ish to 2am-ish. Please stop by and
say hello.

See you there!
Crystal of the Westermark

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