westdance: Collegium: what do people want?

Carey Cates isabel at AandS.org
Tue Feb 22 23:55:20 PST 2005

Hi there,

> > Btw, for the rest of the Westdance list, I've been exchanging some
> > email with Asclin (the Collegium Chancellor), and so far only
> > Vyncent and myself have signed up to teach dance.
	I am willing to teach, but keep forgetting to ask you and the
others who has volunteered to teach what.  I would like to fill in
missing genres, and such, but to do that I need to know what others
are doing.  Since we don't have a designee for track coordinator (and
we only expect around five classes) we could just post to this list.
Now that I have the mud out of my brain from Estrella, I could send in
a class proposal for Collegium...


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