westdance: Collegium: what do people want?

Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 11:26:42 PST 2005

I didn't actually volunteer to teach anything in
particular, as I figured when more of us decided what
we wanted to teach, I'd fit a class in somewhere.  I'm
happy to do a bransles and alman class, or 15th
Italian, or even ECD, since 16th Italian is covered
already =)


--- "Larsen, Matt" <matt.larsen at certive.com> wrote:

> > 	I am willing to teach, but keep forgetting to ask
> you 
> > and the others who has volunteered to teach what. 
> I would 
> > like to fill in missing genres, and such, but to
> do that I 
> > need to know what others are doing.  Since we
> don't have a 
> > designee for track coordinator (and we only expect
> around 
> > five classes) we could just post to this list. Now
> that I 
> > have the mud out of my brain from Estrella, I
> could send in a 
> > class proposal for Collegium...
> Ah, good question!  I signed up to teach something
> 16th c. (I
> think Gracca, but I'll have to check), but I also
> told Asclin
> that I'm willing to teach something else if there
> are others
> who really want to do that.  
> I'm not sure what Vyncent is going to teach, but you
> might think 
> about something 15th c., or possibly some bransles. 
> We haven't 
> taught them (bransles) much in the last several
> years, at least 
> not at Collegium/A&S.  Or if you want to do 16th c.,
> I'd be happy
> to do bransles or something 15th c.
> Geoffrey
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