westdance: Social dancing at Collegium's feast

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Feb 28 23:15:51 PST 2005

Here's what the chancellor has to say about potentially social dancing
during feast. Personally, this looks kind of marginal, likely to get
squeezed out, even though there actually is plenty of time: 2.5-3
hours, only 45 minutes of performances planned. I'll eat for 20
minutes, be wondering why we aren't dancing for nearly 2 hours, and
hopefully won't have to be quiet and attentive for 45 minutes for
dreadful performances.

So, if someone else wants to carry the ball on this one, be my guest,
elsewise it'll be "Thanks for the schedule info, but I don't think it
works..." I really ought to write a short article entitled "So you want
to have dancing at your feast? A Guide for Autocrats".

There's also the option of a performance dance, again, if someone
wants to carry the ball.

-- Gregory

| Social dancing: There will be about 15 minutes between the first three
| removes. I'm filling these with bardic performance.
| The dessert remove will more than likely be buffet. Social dancing can
| begin when that's out. The hall will be opened at 5:30 for feast set
| up. The first remove starts at 6pm. Food continues to about 8:30/9
| pm. Hall closes at 10/10:30pm. So about half an hour to an hour of
| social dancing at the end of the feast.

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