westdance: Demo help needed in San Jose in March

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 17:54:15 PST 2005

Howdy All,

I just heard from Francisco: this demo is on for Wednesday the
9th of March (next week) from 12noon-2pm.

Apparently it's 7th graders <shudder>. They'll be having lunch.
I do not know if they will permitted to wander around.

The school is ST FRANCES CABRINI SCHOOL (Students: 686;
Location: 15325 WOODARD RD San Jose, CA; Grades: PK - 8). It's a
private school near the Campbell border. 

I don't have any more details at this time, if you would like to
help out, please contact Katherine de Langelei via delangelia at
yahoo dot com or  Francisco Stop-me-before-I-volunteer-again
Acero via francisco_acero at sbcglobal dot net.

Please help if you can.

Crystal of the Westermark

--- Katherine de Langelei <delangelia at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> I am looking for some people who would be interested
> in participating in a demo for a group of seventh
> graders at a private school in San Jose (about 70
> students).  This would be either March 9 or 15th,
> depending on our availability.  We can work this one
> into the lunch hour time slot of 11-1 or 12-2PM.  The
> cafeteria at the school is going to serve a “feast” as
> a part of the all day celebration.
> The teacher who called me says that she has been
> teaching the students dance (?!) and has had them
> sewing “costumes”, as well as learning about the
> medieval period, so I think this group will be more
> enthusiastic than usual :-)
> I would like to have a small group of fighters to wow
> the boys, and some well dressed ladies to impress the
> girls.  Also, would any dancers be available to teach
> a simple brawle?  Or musicians?
> Please shoot me an email if you would be interested
> and available to participate.
> Thank you!
> Katherine de Langelei
> West Kingdom Chatelaine
> PS feel free to crosspost this message to other lists!

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