westdance: Re: Dolce at Performing Arts Fete August 6th

Carey Cates isabel at AandS.org
Thu Jun 9 21:07:56 PDT 2005

Hi there,
	I likewise thought I got the hang of it in Gregory's class at
Collegium.  Given that I'm not the best at galliards, I figure it
should be straightforward for others to pick it up at a series of
Wednesday nights.  Mind you, having been on travel essentially all of
May and having not done the dance since Collegium, I don't currently
remember it, but I am pretty sure I could pick it up again very
quickly and get my feet to go in the right places.


On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 11:12:31AM -0700, Crystal A. Larsen wrote:
> > Well, it's supposed to be a showcase dance. :-)  Do others
> > feel like we can get this up to a performance level?  
> I feel like I got the man's part in this last round of teaching,
> so I think we could manage DAF, depending on who's at the Fete.
> If all else fails, jut the middle man could do the fancy bit,
> and the other two men could do the easier version. 
> Crystal of the Westermark
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