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Mon Jun 27 11:25:22 PDT 2005

--- The MOMstable <the_momstable at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know how long the class slots are scheduled to be?

>From a previous mail from Aurelia:
Please go ahead and fill out this info for your dance
class/es and send it back to me - thanks a bunch
Teacher name:
Class Title:
Class Description:
Class Size Limit:
Auditors Welcome?
Class Fee:
Class Length – classes are planned to be either an
hour or an hour and a half. Please let us know how long 
your class will be – if you need more time we simply 
need to schedule it.
Day or days that you can teach: Saturday or Sunday

>  And how many there are each day?  

The website does not say, but previous years it's been about 5
classes on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

> Would it be better if we internally planned
> out an order, so that it built on itself (easy ECD scheduled
> before intermediate, easy Italian before Speccio, etc)?

I'm sure the A&S officers would rise up and call you blessed if
you volunteered to do that. Please ask the dance teachers to
mention any conflicts they have; for example, I'm teaching a
cooking class Saturday before lunch, but I don't know when.


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