westdance: Dance at A&S

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Mon Jun 27 11:32:47 PDT 2005

> > Would it be better if we internally planned
> > out an order, so that it built on itself (easy ECD scheduled
> > before intermediate, easy Italian before Speccio, etc)?
> I'm sure the A&S officers would rise up and call you blessed if
> you volunteered to do that. Please ask the dance teachers to
> mention any conflicts they have; for example, I'm teaching a
> cooking class Saturday before lunch, but I don't know when.

Okay, I guess I could do that.  I'll email Eirny and see if it would
help and get more information on planned tracks.  Paperwork, that I can
do. So if the dance teachers would send their info with conflicts and
attendence (Sat. only, both days, not early in the morning, teaching
other classes), etc. to me, I will contrive to put it in some semblance
of order to it and submit it as a track, I suppose.  It can't be any
harder than scheduling rotations to the different stations at Cub Scout
Camp (why can't we have archer for all of our sessions - whine)


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