westdance: Dance at A&S

Carey Cates isabel at AandS.org
Tue Jun 28 19:51:20 PDT 2005

	I'm still waffling on if I will/could teach at A&S this year,
after all, no alta danse for Isabel for a while yet.  If I can get a
ride to day-trip the event, then I could consider it.  If I were to
decide that I would teach, do people think that I'd really be likely
to get people for a class in basse danse?  It's not that commonly done
around here, and I'm not too gung ho in prepping a new-to-me class if
I don't think I'll have many students. (Been there, done that too many
times...)  Any thoughts?


(Also, is anyone Mt.View / Pennensula area planning on daytripping that
I might carpool?

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