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Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 22:37:38 PDT 2005

Hey everybody,

Last night at dance practice we had a discussion about the West
Kingdom College of Dance (WKCD) and the charter that will define
the WKCD. It turned out that some of the people who regularly
attend dance practice had no idea there was a movement to form
an official group or that the west-dance email group existed.
So, if you are interested in the email list, please go to
http://westdance.org/join.html, read the description there, and
sign up. If you are interested in the proto-charter, please keep
reading. It's on the website too, but I thought it might be
easier to just paste it into this message. 

If you are currently on my personal list to get the weekly
reminders of Wednesday Dance Practice and you join the
west-dance email list you will get duplicate weekly reminders
unless you email me at xtalrock at yahoo.com to be removed from my
list. Please feel free to do so, if you wish.  If you have
questions about the West Kingdom College of Dance or the
proto-charter and are not on the west-dance email group, please
feel free to email me and I will answer as best I can. Any
questions I cannot answer, I will forward to the west-dance
email group and mail you a response, if one is forthcoming.

Crystal of the Westermark, 
Proto-Secretary for the incipient West Kingdom College of Dance

The proto-charter:

The West Kingdom Royal College of Dance is hereby established to
further the practice of, and the research into, the dancing arts
of Renaissance Europe. The College of Dance is open to those who
practice, teach, or are otherwise interested in the art, music,
history, reconstruction, performance, or theory of period
dancing styles. 

The goals of the College of Dance are to: 

Encourage the spread of Renaissance European styles of dancing,
both in practice and in theory, throughout the West Kingdom; 
Encourage learning and mastery of the art of period dancing; 
Aid those outside the College of Dance in the appreciation of
period dancing; and 
Provide a source for research and education into period styles
of dance. 
To these ends, the College of Dance will: 

Encourage its members to study, teach and consult with others
regarding period dance techniques; 
Sponsor workshops and practices where all can learn the art of
period dancing; 
Sponsor classroom instruction to encourage better understanding
of the history and theory of period dance; 
Maintain a bibliography of research and reference materials,
including primary and secondary sources, and to the extent
possible a library; 
Facilitate communication between existing dance groups, and
assist any local group in founding a dance practice for itself; 
Provide guidance to any who request help with such matters as
hosting dancing at an event, starting a local practice, or any
other related service as needed; 
Maintain a publicly-accessible forum to provide information on
scheduled College of Dance activities and upcoming dance events,
functions, practices, workshops, and classes; and 
Maintain a roster of College of Dance Members and dance teachers
throughout the Kingdom. 
Membership in the College of Dance will be extended to include
any Gentle who wishes to participate. Anyone may join by sending
their name to the College of Dance Secretary. 

The Chancellor of the College of Dance shall be the head of the
College of Dance. The Chancellor shall maintain the College of
Dance Membership Roster; assist local groups to locate
instructors for dance classes at events, local meetings, revels,
etc.; assist local groups who wish to start local dance classes;
and report to the Kingdom Minister of Arts on the progress,
projects, and activities of both the College of Dance and local
dance groups. The Chancellor may appoint deputies as needed. The
Chancellor is chosen by the general consensus of the Members of
the College of Dance. 

In addition to the above, a College of Dance Secretary shall be
appointed by the Chancelier. The Secretary will assist the
Chancellor in administrative duties including, but not limited
to, maintaining the roster of College of Dance Members,
coordination of the College of Dance Schedule of Events,
maintenance of the College of Dance forum, and any other duties
assigned by the Chancellor. 

Submitted to Their Majesties, KING AND QUEEN, on the occasion of
EVENT, A.S. DATE, by the Charter Members of West Kingdom College
of Dance: 


Be it known that We, QUEEN of the West Kingdom and Patroness of
the Arts and Sciences, along with KING, Our King, do hereby
confirm and recognize this Charter of the West Kingdom Royal
College of Dance. 

Done by Our hand this DATE day of MONTH, A.S. XXXVII, being 2003


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