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I personally don't see a pressing need for term limits and it would add a 
level of administration that we have currently avoided plus place the Crown 
influencing who is the Chancellor. At the moment the Chancellor is selected 
by the consensus of the members of the College and by implication can be 
deselected by the same means. While that may not stand in a court of law I 
doubt we will need to take it to one and for now I believe the simpler the 

 On 7/1/05, Daniel Fenwick <daniel at fenwick.sparks.nv.us> wrote: 
> On the term limits discussion, it might be good to go with something 
> similar
> to an officer's warrant, ie 2 years with the option to extend it with, in
> this case, the permission of the Crown and consent of the college. I don't
> see anything else in the charter that I'd change.
> Dan
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