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Jean P. Martin jean_p_martin at comcast.net
Thu Aug 18 11:44:38 PDT 2005

Hi, I'm writing an article about our demo last night. I just started contributing to an online mag called SF-SF. I need some info so if you guys could get back to me today or tomorrow that would be great! I'll be sending my editor pictures as well :-)

* what's our dance group called?
* what's the singing group called (with Geoffrey and Na'arah)? and who was the conductor?
* anyone remember our dance set list? even a few dance names would be good.
* what are some of the songs you guys sang?


* Jean’s tribe.net profile, blogs, posts, events, etc. 

* Jean’s Bay Area English Regency Society tribe 

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> Thanks to everyone who came out for the demo last night! 
> I think we had a good time, and I think the audience enjoyed 
> the dancing (as well as the other parts of the demo). And 
> I think things went particularly well given that we threw 
> the dance list together at the last moment based on who was 
> there and didn't really do any practice for the dances we 
> did. So thanks again, and good job! 
> Geoffrey 
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