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Larsen, Matt matt.larsen at certive.com
Thu Nov 3 09:34:10 PST 2005

Looks like a good set list to me.  The only change I'd consider 
suggesting is to the if-time set, where you might replace Dull
Sir John with something else.  It's a relatively complex dance,
and may be more frustrating than enjoyable for a lot of folks.
Perhaps replace it with the Lorayne Alaman?  That's _really_
simple, anyone can get up and enjoy it, and that makes it a
good dance toward the end of an evening of dance.


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> Greetings all. I have volunteered (ouch, can I have my arm back now?)
> to teach and run dance at Southern Shores Jingles on Dec. 3.   This
> time it will be more than just pick up dances, they want an 
> actual set list and supervision.  I will be teaching dancing 
> during the day and running the set list in the evening.  
> As this is my first crack at running something like this, I'm 
> asking if y'all would please look over my planned set list 
> and send me some feedback/input on it.  I tried to keep it 
> simple, as many of the dancers present will probably be from 
> the class that day or from Darkwood Dance.  I also drew 
> heavily from dances that I know have been taught at the 
> Darkwood Practice, and from the Crosston Beginner class.
> Thank you,
> Na'arah
> Jingles Dance Set List
> Set 1
> Horses Bransle
> Rufty Tufty
> Amoroso
> Grimstock
> Villanella
> Spanish Jeepsie
> Set 2
> Petit Rhiens
> Black Nag
> Danse de Cleves
> Cuckholds All in a Row
> Black Alman
> Jenny Pluck Pears
> Set 3 (not posted, but to be done if there is time, or 
> inclination, so at least I'm prepared)
> Bransle Official
> Gathering Peascods
> Dull Sir John
> Montarde Bransle
> Boateman
> Rostibolo Gioioso
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