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Subject: Collegium Occidentalis, May 13, Sacramento

Greetings All,

As I'm sure you can guess by the header, I'm inviting you to
participate in Collegium Occidentalis. The event is May 13 in
Sacramento at Sierra Arden United Church of Christ.

If you would like to teach, volunteer, participate in the A&S display
or just attend and enjoy the activities, we'd love to have you.

We have received a wide variety of class suggestions that I'm in the
process of scheduling, but there's plenty of space for more classes.
We don't have any classes in dance or cooking. We have a few "history
of the people"-social classes, but can always use more. We have 2 C&I
classes, but could use more. We have no brewing classes and no music
classes. So if you're looking for ideas, drop me a line.

I'm looking for volunteers to spend an hour or so at teachers' point,
so as we get closer to the event and the schedule goes up, if you see
a hole in your day and you're available and willing to hang out at the
classroom sign-in spot, we'd love to have you there. (Many hands make
work light!)

Sabrina de le Bere has grasciously volunteered to organize the A&S
display and I'm sure she'd love to set up some space for you to set
out your hand-worked treasures. I'm also betting that she'd like some
volunteers to help her watch the display.

Juana Isabella is doing a feast in the evening. As I understand it,
the menu is still undergoing some adjustments, but we should be able
to get the information available soon. If one of the members of the
illustrious dance community would like to contact me about organizing
dance for the evening, that would be wonderful. If some of our
talented Bards are interested in performing, that would also be great.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Otherwise, I look forward hearing from you and discovering how you'd
like to participate.

Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke,
Collegium Chancellor

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