westdance: Pied d'Argent at Purgatorio

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 10:44:43 PDT 2006

Posting on behalf of Vycent, because the westdance.org is being
fussy (I swear, lists *know* when the listmaster leaves town).

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Hello all, 

As I may have mentioned to you, my brother is getting married,
and he's going to be visiting the same weekend as Purgatorio -
it's the only time he can get off of work.  We'll be in Vegas,
so I won't be able to run the Pied d'Argent.  Would anyone be
willing to pick this one up?  It's quite an easy task, as
outlined below:

If you plan to have it on Sunday: 
1)  Be sure to have an announcement made during the evening
court announcing both the dance (Montarde Bransle, pronounced
"brawl") and where it will be (usually some place on the
listfield, at around 10am)

2)  Be sure to have an announcement made early in the morning,
as first or second shout, or both 
3)  Be there with your CD or musician sharp to perform the
competition (take down people's names that want to compete) 
4)  When the competition is finished, report the winner to
whoever is taking court business. 

On another note, I have been trying desperately to give one of
the medallions to Ysabella so she can have it cast to make more
tokens, as we are out.  Geoffrey and Crystal generously loaned
me one, but I have been unable to find Ysabella to give it to
her.  Would someone be willing to take it to her, or to someone
who can get it to her at Purg?  We have been a long time without

- Vyncent 

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