westdance: Pied d'Argent at Purgatorio

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Wed Aug 16 16:14:13 PDT 2006

Okay, well, I'll be there.  And I don't have a long drive home, so my
family can take a bit longer to pack up Sunday.  And I don't have to
worry about attending peerage meetings....sooooo, sure, if no one else
is jonesing to do this, I'll be happy to help out.  I'll even
con...errr, I mean....umm....convince (yeah right, that's what I meant)
my boys to help out.  At least Aidan.  It's a dance he likes a lot and
he can be my demo helper.

Count me in.

And if you want, I can deliver the token to Ysabella.  I'm sure I'll be
able to find her.  

Darkwood Dance Minion

--- "Crystal A. Larsen" <xtalrock at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Posting on behalf of Vycent, because the westdance.org is being
> fussy (I swear, lists *know* when the listmaster leaves town).
> ------fwd message-----------
> Hello all, 
> As I may have mentioned to you, my brother is getting married,
> and he's going to be visiting the same weekend as Purgatorio -
> it's the only time he can get off of work.  We'll be in Vegas,
> so I won't be able to run the Pied d'Argent.  Would anyone be
> willing to pick this one up?  It's quite an easy task, as
> outlined below:
> If you plan to have it on Sunday: 
> 1)  Be sure to have an announcement made during the evening
> court announcing both the dance (Montarde Bransle, pronounced
> "brawl") and where it will be (usually some place on the
> listfield, at around 10am)

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