westdance: Latest Version of Dance list for the Crosston Ball

Matt Larsen matt.larsen at certive.com
Thu Oct 5 13:13:37 PDT 2006

Hi All,

Here's the latest cut at the dance list for the Crosston Ball.  It
factors in
the feedback I've gotten so far (and many thanks to those who have given
feedback!), but I'm still interested in hearing more!  Let me know what

As you can see, while I've replaced a bunch of dances with other
relatively similar
dances, I've also added three dances... I should probably trim three to
make up for
this, and I'm soliciting opinions as to which three.  Vote early and

Here's a synopsis of the changes:
Replaced Amoroso with Rostiboli Gioso
Replaced Madame Sosilia's with Queen's
Replaced Bransle d'Aridan with Bransle Suite
Replaced Fiama d'Amore with Dolce Amoroso Fuoco
Added Montarde Bransle
Replaced Picking of Sticks with Cuckolds all in a Row
Added Leoncello Vechio
Replaced Dance de Cleves with Anello
Added Furioso (haven't decided yet between all'Italiana
	and alla Spagnuola; probably the latter).


Horses Bransel (couples as will, easy)
Rufty Tufty (2 couples, easy)
Chestnut (3 couples, medium)
Lauro (couples as will, medium) 
Chiranzana with Shilta (couples as will, easy)
Contentezza d'Amore (couples as will, hard)
Black Alman (couples as will, easy)
Rostiboli Gioioso (couples as will, medium)
Petit Renise (triples as will, easy) 
Boateman (3 couples, hard)
Contrapasso (3-4 couples, easy)
Gracca Amorosa (couples as will, hard)
Pavan and galliard (couples as will, easy)
One or two bonus galliards throughout the evening
Queen's Alman (couples as will, easy) 
Rostiboli Gioso (couples as will, medium)
Dolce Amoroso Fuoco (3 couples, medium)
Gelosia (3 couples, easy)
Grimstock (3 couples, medium)
Spanish Gypsy (4 couples, medium)
Fain I would (4 couples, medium) 
Cuckolds all in a Row (2 couples, medium)
Black Nag (3-4 couples, medium)
Bransle Suite (Pinagay, Charlotte, ?) (persons as will, medium)
Ballo del Fiore (persons as will, medium)
Speccio (couples as will, hard)
Jenny Pluck Pears (3-4 couples, easy)
Villanella (couples/triples as will, easy)
Montarde Bransle (4 person sets, easy)
Leoncello Vechio (couples as will, medium)
Anello (2 couples, medium)
Furioso (all'Italiana or alla Spagnuola?)

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