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Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 6 08:35:05 PDT 2006

--- Vyncent <torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Well, if it were up to me, I would prefer to have
> Danse de Cleves over Anello...I like Anello, but I
> like Danse de Cleves more =)

I agree with this too. But I'd rather have Lauro than Danse de
Cleves (aka hearts and flowers), as Lauro is the dance for Mists

--- Geoffery wrote:
> > I should probably trim three to make up for
> > this, and I'm soliciting opinions as to which three.

Can we dump Gracca Amoroso (the pac-man)? It's not been taught
for a while and it's one of the hardest to fake-on-the-fly.

> > Added Furioso (haven't decided yet between
> > all'Italiana and alla Spagnuola; probably the latter).

I can't remember which is which, but I'd vote for the 8 person
version. It's been taught more recently, and is easier to pull
people through.

Crystal of the Westermark

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