westdance: Thoughts on 15c Italian for KWDS?

Renee goddess at oort.com
Tue May 8 23:42:12 PDT 2007

> > Yes...  but while we have more current descriptions of pivas and
> > saltarellos than of estampi steps, it's not like we have descriptions
> > that give the kind of detail that you get for galliard steps in the
> > later sources.
> Why do you think that the saltarello *step* in the improvised
> saltarello is anything other than the saltarello step? That's what the
> sources pretty plainly would lead you to conclude.
> It's the pattern you make on the floor that we don't know, in either
> case. In the galliard <snip>

Given the saltarello, given the exuberant nature of young people, and given
the spontaneous variations emergent in *our* large dances, I think the
discussion might turn towards whether only a few of the most coordinated
danced improvisations, while most pursued a more staid course across the
floor, or whether it was the zany free-for-all we sometimes see.

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