westdance: Performing Arts Fete Tentative Schedule

Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 01:26:26 PDT 2007

Hello, all!

As autocrat for the upcoming Performing Arts Fete, I
was hoping to post a preliminary schedule along with
some commentary.  The schedule is far from solid, and
I'm hoping to get some feedback on it so I can tailor
it to what we think will be well received.  I would
very much appreciate your feedback!  Let's keep this
on the Crosston/Westdance list for now until I firm
things up a bit.

Volunteers are always needed!  For people to sit at
gate, to help with setup, and even to help me win
people's money...er, play some games.  Let me know if
you would like to help!

The stage is where all the action is going to be.  The
musicians will gather there after the feast for the
ball, and all of the other performances will happen
there as well.  In the initial stages, there will be
four rows of chairs set up there for people to watch
the performances while the area behind it will be the
dancing area.  There will be two tables at the back
with chairs for games and whatnot.  There will be two
tables to the right side of the hall (right side
facing the stage) for putting food out for everyone. 
The kitchen will be used ONLY for storage of food
contributions, not re-heating, not cooking, nor or
anything else.  

Like Crosston Ball, I plan to have the rear exit as a
changing room.

For the presentation dance, I would like to get
dancers who have never been part of a presentation
dance before, if possible.  If not, that is, fine

12pm - Site Opens for Setup
1pm - Open Dance I - kind of like dance practice.  We
don't do heavy duty teaching, but instead will do
dances that will be part of the ball.
2pm - Vyncent/others will be dealing cards and games
at the back of the hall until the house takes
everyone's money or people cut their losses.  Bring
your period coin!
2pm also - Informal Musician Jam session - for whoever
wants to bring their instruments and play music on the
3pm - Snack Type things are put out
3pm - Open Dance Practice II
4pm - Choir sings set pieces
4:30pm - Musical Performance
4:45pm - Open Stage Hour - the audience participates! 
This will be kicked off by a bunch of rounds let by
the Choir.  After that, open to anyone who has a
request for stories, songs, and performances of any
kind, or wishes to perform something of the same.
5:45pm - Carnival Play
6pm - Setup for Feast (after play).  If possible, we
set up tables towards the back of the hall so that we
can still have some room up front for dancing without
having to break down tables if desired.
6:30pm - Period Potluck Feast (right after setup)
7:30pm - Dance Ball begins - Set list TBD.
10pm - Site Closes

Again, if you have any comments or questions, do let
me know!

- Vyncent

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