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Matthew Larsen matt1.larsen at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 09:32:33 PDT 2007

I've had one question about the time for this, so let me post the
information I have from Ginevra:

> At October Crown on Sunday morning beginning at about
> 11am We are hosting a Performing Arts Festival/
> Carnival in conjunction with the Queen's Tea.  It is
> Our hope that performers will put together pieces and
> share them with the Kingdom.

> We were wondering if possibly you would be interested
> in gathering a group of your dancers together and
> performing for Us, and the Kingdom, in this festival?
> One piece would be sufficient, preferably something
> fun that moves around a bit to a lively tune.

So it's not _too_ early. :-)


On 9/24/07, Matthew Larsen <matt1.larsen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I spoke to people at dance practice last week, but I thought it would
> be good to ask this on the whole list.
> I've gotten email from Her Majesty Ginevra, and she and Havoc are
> looking for a performance dance at Crown on Sunday morning.  They are
> planning an arts festival and thought that a little bit of dance would
> be a good lead in.  So if there are a few dancers who are going to be
> there and would like to dance before their Majesties, please respond!
> I had vaguely thought that something fast and upbeat like maybe Petite
> Riens would be a good choice for the dance, but I haven't made any
> firm decision.
> Unfortunately, Crystal and I are not going to Crown (we have family in
> town that weekend).  So we will need someone to lead the performance
> as well as dancers.  In any case, if you'd like to lead or simply to
> dance, please let me know!
> Geoffrey
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