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Francis Classe torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 23:01:48 PST 2007

Hello all!

Just passing some information on a wonderful dance
event in Germany...in a castle...a real castle...=) 
Anyhow, I've also got pictures if you're interested,
and I've posted the information below.

- V

Accademia della Danza

Easter weekend 2008, March 21-23

The right noble lord Baron of the Ancient lands of
Knights Crossing has declared that his subjects, noble
in their demeanour, should learn the ancient art of
dance, that they may better grace his court with
knowledge of this gentler art.  To this effect, he has
hired sundry dance masters from lands far and wide to
come and provide instruction.  For one weekend, his
holding, the Pfaelzer Schloss, shall play host to a
school of dance, known in the tongue of more refined
courts as an academia della danza.  In addition to
learning, there shall be terpsichorean revels and a
ball as no one has seen in many years.  The lord baron
bids one and all to come and partake!

Site information: Pfaelzer Schloss, Pfaelzergasse,
Gross Umstadt, Germany.
Site opens at 1500 on Friday, March 21, and closes on
Sunday, March 23 at 1500 (we must be cleaned up and
out of the Hall by this point).  Site is wet (which
could significantly aid the rhythmically challenged in
the pursuit of happiness
.); there are no showers on
site.  Site is limited to 110.

Classes:  Classes will begin at 1800.  The last class
will finish at 1300 on Sunday, March 23.  There will
be two tracks of classes, to suit all tastes: a
beginner track, and an intermediate/advanced track.

Ball:  There will be a formal ball on Saturday evening
following feast, which will be a reconstruction of a
ball chronicled in Ulm in 1503.  After this, there
will be a more free-style dance revel.

Food: There will be a hearty stew provided Friday
evening, breakfast, lunch and feast on Saturday, and
breakfast on Sunday (with leftovers from feast serving
as lunch).

Sleeping arrangements:  There is crash space  (no
bedding) in the two halls on site in the castle (one
of which is not heated), but you must have your
bedding packed up and stored away out of sight during
the day as these are the same two halls in which we
will be dancing.  Otherwise, Gross Umstadt is a
charming little medieval town with numerous reasonably
priced inns (reasonable = 50-90 EUR for a double room
per night), one of which sits directly across the
street from the castle.  More details to follow.

Cost: Total cost for the weekend will be 20 EUR per
person over 12.  Children 7-12 10 EUR for the weekend.
 Children under 7 are free.  There will be a family
cap of 55 EUR for the weekend.  Because the size of
the site is limited, we ask that families consider
before bringing small children.  The only two rooms on
site are the rooms in which classes will be held,
which means that small children will not truly have a
place to play (unless the weather holds, and they can
play outside in the courtyard).  So unless children
are actively (and more or less attentively)
participating in classes, please consider whether it
is a good idea to bring them.

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