westdance: a bit of pick-up dancing on Friday 5 Jan

Cin cinbarnes at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 17:12:07 PST 2007

For those of you who doubted me at Wens dance practice...  there is
*too* a bit of pick-up dancing on Friday 5 Jan.
from http://www.thewestermark.org/12thnight/activities.htm
Social dancing
Friday: meet at the Gateway Foyer, outside of what will be the Court
Hall. We will go over some of the dances for the Duchesses Ball
starting around 7:30pm, and then dance until our musicians make us

Saturday: Meet at the Santa Clara room, near the other activity halls.
At 4pm, we'll go over many of the dances to be taught at the Duchesses
Ball in the evening.

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