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Daniel Fenwick daniel at fenwick.sparks.nv.us
Thu Jan 8 10:36:35 PST 2009

Just an FYI,  :)

Geloxia is so-so, but I don't really like it.  Pavan's are fine. :)
Contrapasso is one I really don't like.  Cleaves I don't remember (if I've
ever seen or done it.)  :)

We looked at the dance set for 12th Night and since there were substantially
more dances that We weren't interested in than were, We went and did other
things.  Most of the other people that I talked to who I know like to dance
but weren't dancing, weren't dancing for the same reason.

The idea is to have dances simple enough that people who don't dance or who
danced years ago but don't live in the Bay Area (so can't attend the regular
dance practices) can come out and dance and have fun.  We want dances you
can go through and people can remember not dances that people forget 5
minutes after they've walked through them and can't remember to the end.

We realize that many of the more advanced dancers want fancier, harder
dances but we want things that more people can participate in and feel
comfortable and still be doing something that is easily shown to be in

Our goal is to do what we can to get more people participating in more
activities, so much of what We do for "official" activities needs to be
aimed at beginners rather than hoping the beginners can catch up.

Thank you for being willing to help Us in this endeavor.

Daniel and Aeschine
Lord and Lady of the Swan

> The autocrat for Investiture talked to me at Twelfth Night (and for a
> wonder, I remembered and actually contacted him afterward - sieve brain
> that I am, especially at 12th Night).  I've been asked to teach and
> lead dance at Cynagua Investiture, January 31, the week after the
> Crosston Ball.
> There's a hitch.  Their Highnesses do not want English Country nor Late
> Italian.  Doesn't leave too much.  I'm interpretting "Late Italian" as
> "nothing too foofy or hard".  I've also added the caveat "nothing that
> I don't have dance music for" as I don't have an in house musician.
> This is what I've come up with, building on things that were taught at
> Twelfth Night and will be taught at the Crosston Ball.  I don't imagine
> there will be that much time reserved for dance, so I'm not putting a
> full set list together.
> Horses Bransle
> Montarde Bransle
> Black Alman
> Queen's Alman
> Amoroso
> Petite Rhiens
> If we get through those, I may try and sneak in
> A Pavan
> Danse de Cleves
> Geloxia
> and maybe Contrapasso, which is later Italian, but drag throughable.
> Comments, questions, suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Na'arah

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