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Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 08:19:03 PST 2009

Not tonight, Wedensday! Sorry about that, Monday holidays always mess up my week. 


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> Howdy all, 
> Tonight is the last dance practice before the dance ball.
> The Crosston Dance Ball is this coming Saturday!!! 
> Please see our website for details and class schedule, 
> http://home.earthlink.net/~al-qurtubiyya/2009CrosstonBall.html
> If you have any questions, please click reply and ask!
> Next week, we'll be considering new dances to add to
> our repertoire. If you have a dance you’d like to teach
> the group, or a dance you’d like to reconstruct, please
> start the location process so you can bring it next week. 
> On 25April2009, the Collegium Occidentialis will be an
> overnight event at a hotel in Modesto. Because we'll
> have ample dance space, let's plan now for a whole day
> of classes. I've spoken to the collegium regent, and if
> we plan it, we can have a dance ball in the evening. Please
> stay tuned for details.
> Wednesdays in San Jose:
> Dance practice starts about 7:00pm. We normally wear street
> clothes, rather than garb, for practice. Clean, soft-soled
> shoes
> or socks are required. We normally break around 9pm for
> dinner
> and rootbeer floats. Feel free to forward this message to
> people
> who ask about dance practice.
> Here's the directions that assume you are coming from
> the north 
> for 1st, 3rd, 5th Wednesdays:
> Take your favorite route to 85, just south of 87
> (Guadalupe).
> Take the Blossom hill exit, stay in the left lane. 
> Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp. Stay in the left
> lane.
> Turn left at the second light, Snell, just past the Shell
> gas 
> station. 
> Go for many blocks, turn right on Branham, just before the
> 76 
> station.
> Turn left at the first light, Park Arcadia. Go straight
> until 
> Park Arcadia dead-ends into Park Paxton, turn left. 
> Turn right on Park Essex (I think it's the third
> right). 
> Rafael and Elspeth's is the third house is on the
> right.
> Parking is getting a bit tight, you may have to park on
> Paxton
> and walk a block. 
> 76 Park Essex Pl. San Jose CA 
> Directions from Yahoo!Maps are generally reliable, although
> from the north it will take you on the
> 101/Guadalupe/Capitol
> route.
> see you there,
> Crystal of the Westermark
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