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I thought that we might focus some slightly showier dances for the demo, so here is what I would like to propose:

Fiamma d'Amore
Bizzaria d'Amore
Gracca Amoroso
Contrapasso (can we field 3 couples?  Maybe in duo...)

I figure that after these 5 dances we can then open up the floor to dance whatever.  However, I think it would look much more like a performance if we only had one couple up at a time for the first 5 (except for Bizzaria where 2 are needed).  Any concerns?

- V

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> wrote:
> > Somehow this is ending up being nothing like a Caroso
> Ball.
> > If we're going to only have 1 set dancing at a
> time, and you know in
> > advance which dance(s) you're dancing, perhaps we
> could study up a
> > bit before-hand?
> Yes, we should start calling it the demo dance at
> collegium. 
> I hope the list of dances to choose from will be available
> before Wednesday. The next several dance practices will
> focus on dances from that list.
> This demo is planned for the Saturday dinner at collegium,
> some details below
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> Greetings West Kingdom!
> Our Collegium Occidentalis (West Kingdom College) is coming
> on April
> 25th and 26th. We ended up with an amazing site this year,
> the Doubletree
> Hotel in Modesto. Site fee is even going to include three
> full meals,
> and we will have the Club in the hotel to ourselves
> Saturday night for
> partying and dancing. (Yes, there will be a bartender.) Woo
> hoo! More exciting information on the event to follow.
> What we need more of are teachers. If you have ever thought
> of
> teaching something, please don't be shy. In fact,
> teaching with one or more
> partners is a great idea if you feel a little nervous
> teaching by
> yourself.
> The class can be on absolutely anything related to what we
> do in the
> SCA.
> Please feel free to e-mail me with the following
> information, or
> forward this to anyone who might be interested:
> Your SCA name:
> Your modern name:
> Preferred contact info:
> Class name and description:
> Class size limit, if any:
> Class fee you will charge for materials, if any:
> How long is your class?: 1 HR  or 2 HRS
> Do you need any audiovisual equipment?: y/n
> Do you need an outdoor space?: y/n
> Materials you want students to bring, if any:
> Preferred time of day for your class:
>  Classes will run in one-hour blocks between about 10am and
> 6:30 on
> Saturday, as well as two more one-hour-long blocks on
> Sunday morning.
> Thank you in advance!
> In Service,
> Duchess Constantina von Ravenna
> collegium @ westkingdom . org
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