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Amoroso has the additional advantage of being pretty simple to do while still looking like a fun dance.  It's worth showing that there are fun dances you can do with only two steps, one of which is walking.  Not all italian dances have to be intimidating.  


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>> I thought that we might focus some slightly showier dances
>> for the demo, so here is what I would like to propose:
>> Fiamma d'Amore
>> Villanella
>> Bizzaria d'Amore
>> Gracca Amoroso
>> Contrapasso (can we field 3 couples?  Maybe in duo...)
>> I figure that after these 5 dances we can then open up the
>> floor to dance whatever.  However, I think it would
>> look much more like a performance if we only had one couple
>> up at a time for the first 5 (except for Bizzaria where 2
>> are needed).  Any concerns?
>One little concern, I'd like to _add_ one of the flashy ECDs (Maybe Cin's reconstruction of Fain I Would? Or Stingo?). I worry the current list would make it look like you have learn Italian to be one of the cool kids. 
>Also, as much as I love Villanella, I think the chase and catch of Rosiboli or Amoroso might present better to an audience.
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