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Wed Mar 25 15:29:32 PDT 2009

1. Contrapasso 
2. Amoroso 3. Bizzaria. Sounds like we'll all be needed for the ECD - which is I'd also enjoy doing. But put me down where ever I'm needed.  I like all the dances. 

 grateful for the Blackberry since I'm still at the Modesto hospital

Crystal A. Larsen wrote:
> --- On Wed, 3/25/09, Francis Classe <torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Have we determined who will actually be at Collegium? 
>> That would greatly aid us in planning. =)
> Not to my knowledge. I was hoping to strong arm people into choosing the dance they are most comfortable with at dance practice tonight, but if anyone would like to chime in with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preference for what they'd like to do, that could be cool. Then we can reshuffle the list to get as many different people dancing as possible.
> For example, I'd like to do 1) Gracca Amoroso 2) ECD 3) Bizzaria d'Amore 
> regards,
> xtal
> Fiamma d'Amore (2)
> Amoroso (2)
> Bizzaria d'Amore (4)
> Gracca Amoroso (2)
> Contrapasso (6)
> And maybe an ECD (6-8)
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