westdance: Shepherds' Holiday

Lee Marshall lee_marshall at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 24 23:52:10 PDT 2009

At the last Crosston dance practice we discussed Shepherds' Holiday. 
The B part of the music is problematic because it's seven measures long. 
    This Hendricks fellow has a setting whose B part is 8 measures long. 
  The last few measures seem somewhat different to what I remember as well.


We were working with a faded orange book that had a modern transcription 
of the music.  I believe that transcription is wrong.  Greg has the 
original on his site


The piece clearly ends in a couple of long notes that are missing from 
the version we were relying on.

The key signature looks like one-flat in the original.  I hesitate to 
call that F.  I'd call it G-dorian but not with any confidence.  Anyway, 
Hendricks' transcription has the notation "Originally a step lower". 
But it has no sharps or flats.  I would have expected an F-sharp.

Hendricks does away with the run of 16th notes that appears in the 
transcription we were using.  Greg's copy is unclear enough that I can't 
tell in some places whether there are tails or not.  And there's one big 
splotch that looks more to me like the x-like double-sharp symbol that 
anything else--but that can't be right.

Until we sort it out more thoroughly I would suggest we add a measure 
with a dotted quarter G and an undotted quarter G on the end of the B part.

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