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> -0700, Lee Marshall wrote:
> > The B part of the music is problematic because it's
> seven measures long. 
> I wasn't listening that carefully to that part of the
> discussion, but I can't name any ECD
> which has a section of a dance which isn't an
> even number of doubles. So the number of measures of music
> is always divisible by 4.
> Can anyone think of an example that breaks this rule?

At KWDS Dafydd Cyhoeddwr taught "Odd English Country Dances for three couples" which was several dances that have odd numbers. 

One was The Wish about which he says: "The strange thing about this dance is that the melody has seven measures, whereas English Country dance tunes usually have even numbers of measures. That’s really the only tricky thing about this dance." The other dances were Kemps Jegg and Greenwood. Sadly, he did not address Shepheards Holyday. 

Take a minute to down load this PDF, http://www.kwdsvii.org/compendium/KWDS-2009.pdf and scroll to page 37 for his class notes. 

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