westdance: SCA 3rd Wednesday (16Nov) Practice in San Jose (no practice next week, 23Dec)

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 14 09:10:02 PST 2009

**Important notice! There will be no dance practice on Wednesday 23 December (the Wednesday before Christmas). 

Upcoming dance events!
*) The Duchesses' Ball at 12th Night, http://www.westcooks.org/12thnight2010/index.html
*) The Crosston dance ball on Saturday, 30Jan09. http://www.westkingdom.org/wk_event_100130_crosston_danceball.htm
*) Stanford song and dance demo, February 26, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
look for updates on http://icenter.stanford.edu/events/calendar.html
*) Estrella War! beginner's ball on Wednesday and Caroso Ball on Sunday http://www.estrellawar.org/Activities/Schedules.aspx

This week is the 3rd Wednesday dance practice at our usual venue, 
76 Park Essex Place  San Jose, CA
dance about 7pm, rootbeer floats about 9pm

Wednesdays in San Jose:
> Dance practice starts about 7:00pm. We normally wear street
> clothes, rather than garb, for practice. Clean, soft-soled
> shoes or socks are required. We normally break around 9pm
> for dinner and rootbeer floats. Feel free to forward this
> message to people who ask about dance practice.
> Here's the directions that assume you are coming from the
> north for 1st, 3rd, 5th Wednesdays:
> Take your favorite route to 85, just south of 87
> (Guadalupe). Take the Blossom hill exit, stay in the left
> lane.  Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp. Stay
> in the left lane. Turn left at the second light, Snell, just
> past the Shell gas  station.  Go for many blocks,
> turn right on Branham, just before the 76 
> station. Turn left at the first light, Park Arcadia. Go
> straight until Park Arcadia dead-ends into Park Paxton, turn
> left.  Turn right on Park Essex (I think it's the third
> right).  Rafael and Elspeth's is the third house is on
> the right. Parking is getting a bit tight, you may have to
> park on Paxton and walk a block. 
> 76 Park Essex Pl. San Jose CA 
> Directions from Yahoo!Maps are generally reliable, although
> from the north it will take you on the 101/Guadalupe/Capitol
> route. 
> see you there,
> Crystal of the Westermark


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