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Hmm, Toni's posting on her LJ said this:

"The key to this Ball's success is, of course, the support is gets. I've offered to help coordinate this Ball on behalf of Their Majesties, and so now I'm asking you, by fellow Courtiers for any help you can give. I've spoken with Crystal and I hear Vyncent is willing to help with dance and music."

So I assumed that you were helping out with dance stuff, but maybe I was mistaken?  Either way, I can help organize both dance and music =)

- V

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> If anyone is keen on playing, drop me a line!  Also, and
> I'm sure Crystal will ask, but people to help guide dancers
> through the dances would be a good thing.  I would suggest
> sticking to the more basic almans, italian, and ECDs for
> this since we will likely get a much more varied population
> than those that come to the dance ball =)  Plus, they're
> faster to teach!


Am I in charge of something? 

Crystal of the Westermark

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