westdance: Help needed for Crosston Arts Auction coming up at June Crown

Carey Cates isabel at aands.org
Mon May 24 00:06:48 PDT 2010

Hello to all Crosstonians, friends of Crosston, and friends of dancing
and arts in general,

	The time is quickly approaching for June Crown, when Crosston
will again hold its every-two-years arts silent auction, in support of
the Crosston Balls and other arts events that Crosston holds.  I've
heard about some great things people are planning to donate for the
auction, and we can always use more donations, but here's a list of
some other help we need:

 - Get Trouble to the site (Vyncent has it, but will not be able to transport it.)  The canvas, at least, needs to be there Friday for land-grab
 - Get Trouble from the site and back to Vyncent
 - Tables (Elsbeth and Raf have 5 banquet tables we could use, but we need someone to get them to/from site
 - Isabel (and the moderately large pile of stuff for the auction,
including stuff that people who are not able to attend have given me, and
metal tent poles 5 feet long)

 - Promissory notes - Asa can help with some in advance, but an on-site calligrapher for those last-minute promissory notes would be nice.

- We need ideally 6 banquet-sized tables.  I have a committment for only 1 so far.  (Elsbeth and Raf have 5 more we can use, but I won't count those until transportion for those tables is worked out.)

Set-up and tear-down
 - Set up Trouble on Friday, along a diagnoal walk-way with high traffic, preferably - the autocrat knows this is our preference
- Saturday morning, 1-2 people to help set up the tables and put out all the items and the bid sheets
-  End of the auction - 1-2 people to give directions to the winning bidders while I deal with the money, then help take down the tables
- Take down Trouble - when this happens will depend on if Trouble is on the sight-lines for the list field, etc. as traditional

Things are starting to come together for the auction. We need a bit of
help in these areas, but if you all can pitch in where you can, I am
sure this year's auction will be another success, and put up in a good
financial position to host the Crosston Balls and other arts events
for the next two years!

Let me know if you can help, and if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance,


(email address above, and 650-965-2429 home phone)

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