westdance: Stanford Historic Dance Week

Matthew Larsen matt1.larsen at gmail.com
Wed May 26 13:18:22 PDT 2010

> We got the mostly final program for Stanford Historic Dance Week last
> nite.  Turns out there's a guy who's got a Spanish dance, or so he
> says.  (Class teaser shown below.)  Spanish?!  Whatever could he be
> talking about?  Sure there's stuff w/ Spanish sounding names, not that
> I know much about it.

There's a 15th c. manuscript that is more or less notation kind of
similar to the notation in the Burgundian sources.  Sans music, if I
recall, and not very long (2 pages, I think).

There's also a 17th c. Spanish source by a guy named Navarro.  I don't
recall details...

And, of course, there could be sources I don't know about. :-)


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