westdance: Thank you for helping make this year's auction such a success

Carey Cates isabel at aands.org
Mon Jun 28 23:52:38 PDT 2010

Hello Crosstonians and friends,

	This year's auction was definitely a big success.  We raised
$930, which is far more than last time.  Though I was worried for not
hearing so much volunteering in advance, lots of people helped out and
lots of people donated true piles of stuff to the auction, and it all
came together.

	Thank you to Baccus of transporting Trouble to and from the
event and getting us such a prime location (right next to the
Royals!).  Thank you to the crew that set up Trouble (including the
young gentleman who's name I didn't catch who came over wanting to
help pounds stakes - indeed a young blacksmith at heart, surely.)
Likewise, thank you to the crew that took down Trouble on Sunday.  I
appreciated the help from Na'arah and the heralds for good suggestions
on how best to advertise at the event (and the 'privy press' fliers
probably helped quite a bit, and were easy to do - things to remember
for next time...)  I particulalry appareciate those that were able to
let us yse their tables, Katherine de Langelie, Crystal, and when I
was trying to track down those first tables, also from Gillian and
Leotulf.  We really needed all six tables, for they were completely
covered, near to overflowing.  Definitely many thanks go to everyone
who contributed items to the auction.  We had far more items than last
time, and that's largely the reason we were able to raise more money,
even in the current economic climate.

And, last but not least, a big thank you goes to everyone who bid on items!  

Thank you to you all for supporting Crosston and the arts.  We are
well set for another two years' of hosting Crosston Balls and other


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