westdance: 2nd Wednesday Dance practice in SAN JOSE

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 09:24:05 PST 2013

Howdy y'all!
This week Wednesday Dance Practices is at Cin and Raz's house in San Jose. 
Please wear clean dance shoes or socks. 
It's a dog-and-cat-free house. 
We usually go out to dinner afterwards. 
Please use your favorite mapping program to find: 1264 Hanchett Ave, San Jose, CA 95126
This week during the pre- and post-dance discussions, we'll be discussing which dances need to be taught at the Crosston Dance Ball (event details, http://www.westkingdom.org/as47/feb/crosston-dance-ball). 
See you there,
Crystal of the Westermark
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