westdance: Free Josquin concert: April 13th, 8pm, @Stanford's Memorial Church

Crystal A. Larsen xtalrock at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 14:38:48 PDT 2013

This should be a really good concert (here's a version of the music from The Tallis Scholars
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsNPeGV3zJg) and it's free! 
 Sadly, I won't be able to go, I'm committed to the Cook's Play date in Hollister: http://www.westkingdom.org/as47/apr/west-kingdom-equestrian-triumph-maximillian-hollister-ca 
Crystal of the Westermark

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>Date: Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 2:10 PM
>Subject: Josquin concert: April 13th, 8pm, Memorial Church
>It gives me great pleasure to invite you to a free concert of music by
>Josquin des Prez that will take place on Saturday, April 13th at 8pm
>in Memorial Church. This concert represents the culmination of an
>intensive series of workshops and rehearsals involving four members of
>Cut Circle (cutcircle.com) and a first-rate team of Stanford students.
>Cut Circle will sing the canonic Missa Sine nomine one-on-a-part; the
>students will perform a collection Josquin's most extraordinary
>This concert is special in several respects. First, we'll be singing
>from a newly created replica of a large, 15th-c. music lectern.
>Second, with the help of Prof. Craig Sapp and the Josquin Research
>Project (jrp.ccarh.org), Prof. Ge Wang will present simulcast musical
>analyses--that is, visualizations of musical features that will be
>projected in real time on a large screen. Third, the audience will
>include several top Renaissance scholars who'll have traveled to
>Stanford to participate in a study day on "Methodologies for Musical
>I hope to see you there.
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