westdance: Fwd: Crosston dance practice summer schedule

Cin cinbarnes at gmail.com
Mon May 20 12:42:17 PDT 2013

Gentle dancers,
Looking ahead on our dance practice calendar, we have discovered that
quite a few of us will be traveling a lot at various times this
summer.  Because of that we're going to be rather creative with our
choice of dance practice locations.

4th Wens 22 May at Cin & Raz's house
5th Wens 28 May at Crystal & Matt's
All of June Brocc's house
All of July - Dance Practice HIATUS & we'll be back in August unless
we're still travelling.

Keep a lookout for the dance auto-reminder.  If we're clever, we'll
even keep it up to date with the actual location of the practice.
BTW, If you're not part of the Yahoo group SCA-Xton, you wont see the
Cynthia Barnes
CinBarnes at gmail.com

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