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Previous message from Aasa Thorvaldsdottir about Mists bardic: 
Hey, Mists! Mists Bardic is almost upon us, now less than three weeks away, and I have only one declared competitor! How can this be? Come on out and strut your Bardic stuff for a chance to land what is quite possibly the Coolest Job in the Knowne World: Bard of the Mists!

As a reminder, the competition rounds are:
1) A period piece (documentation should be brief but convincing)
2) An original piece in a period style (documentation should be brief but convincing)
3) Masterwork - an original piece to highlight what you do best
4) Bard's Challenge: An original piece in Praise of a Person You Admire
5) The famed Three Words Out of a Hat / Fifteen Minutes challenge

Contact me at bard at ... if you plan to compete or have questions about the competition.

Even if you don't plan to compete, come on out and bear witness to the competition, for what is a Bard without an audience? There will be a fabulous feast by Madame Ghislaine d'Auxerre (mdmghislaine at ... for reservations and any question about allergy concerns), so reserve your tickets now!

Mists Bardic will be held at St. Marks Episcopal Church, 1957 Pruneridge Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95050, on Saturday, September 21. Site opens at 11:30.

I hope to see you all there!

Aasa Thorvaldsdottir
Bard of the Mists
Autocrat of Mists Bardic

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